Hello Readers! Welcome to “From the Biblio-files!”

This was originally supposed to be a podcast, but I have turned it into a blogcast instead! Now you may be wondering what a blogcast actually is, and yes I did just make up that word. It’s a blog with an audio file mixed in so readers can hear but also read about our work.

Here at “From the Biblio-files,” I, Kenna Castleberry, your host, and interviewer, talk with famous science writers about their work, discussing the needs of story-telling within science. Some of these authors you may have never heard of, and feel free to read the books we cover in these blogs. They’re great fun and I can say that each of these writers has helped me to better understand how science writing works.

You can find the audio files in video format here in the blog, which each of the videos being linked back to my Youtube channel. Feel free to comment with questions for our writers, as well as suggestions of who you want to see next!

Thanks so much for your interest!


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