Tom Morris and Medical Mysteries

Hello everyone!

download (3)This week I’m introducing writer Thomas Morris, and his book The Mystery of the Exploding teeth. Tom started this book by writing a blog on Victorian medical reports, and the weird case studies he found. He realized that there were enough weird stories (where patients were sticking things up…places…or limbs were falling off…or they were peeing out of different orifices), that he had to compile the good ones and write a book about them. 
Thus The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth was born. Tom breaks down the book into different parts to discuss different attributes of the cases he finds. I found the book both interesting and graphic, and I was so shocked on multiple occasions by what had happened to the patient or by what objects were found, that I couldn’t stop reading. This book is gripping from one page to the next, and the only thing I can say is patients get really creative in swallowing objects or inserting them. But these make for good stories and some of the stories have plot twists that are both amazing and freaky. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun new read, you can pick up his book here. 
I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom about this book a while ago. Tom used to work for the BBC and currently resides in Canada. You can find the interview below. 

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