Helen Scales and the Eye of the Shoal

Hello, my avid readers,

We have a real treat this week as I was privileged enough to interview Helen Scales, a bestselling author who focuses on marine biology. Helen currently lives in London, and I’ve interviewed her before for my undergraduate thesis. I reached out to her knowing she had a new book come out. My timing was just perfect as her newest book The Eye of the Shoal is going to be released in paperback this coming week! Stay tuned! You can pick it up here! 

downloadI read The Eye of the Shoal electronically, and after reading the first two chapters, realizing I needed an actual copy because I would reread it again. The book focuses on the interactions between humans and fish, as Helen describes the evolutionary history of fish, some of the biggest fish discoveries in history, and how we currently view these creatures. Between chapters, there are myth stories detailing some of the oldest documentation of fish, whether they are deities or mythical creatures. We follow Helen’s own story as well, as she takes us into scenes of her own life, from discovering her love of marine life to diving into the deep waters of the ocean.
Fish are creatures that have fascinated our kind for centuries, as they seem alien and different to us. Helen gives a new perspective to see our aquatic neighbors, one of wonder and whimsy. I cannot recommend this book enough, like the stories she tells of some of the unknown and strangest creatures in the ocean you will never have heard about. Her descriptions will have you mesmerized, and you can feel as though you’ve traveled throughout the world in just one sitting.
Listen to Helen’s interview below as I ask her more about this book, which myths she chose, her take on our current interactions with fish, and why this book really matters:


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