Olivia Judson and the Evolution of Sex

Hello, amazing Readers!

download (4)This week we’re talking about the weirdest and wildest book you’d ever read, all about the evolution of sex on our planet. I interviewed Dr. Olivia Judson, who studies evolution in animal behavior. I’ve met Olivia previously while in my undergraduate research, and we’ve been friends since then. Currently, Olivia is in Berlin, working on her next upcoming novel, all about the origins of the earth.
The book we’re talking about today, however, is Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation. It’s an interesting title that prefaces a very interesting read. Not only will you learn about the weirdest sexual rituals performed by animals of all species in all places on earth, but you’ll read it in a very interesting way. And by that, I mean that Olivia wrote this book in a series of letters coming from different animals to a fictional sex expert, Dr. Tatiana, discussing their sex lives. Dr. Tatiana then goes onto explain common patterns of sexual behavior in these animals, answering dilemmas ranging from female promiscuity to raging cannibalism. This book is both fascinating and hilarious. I couldn’t put it down!
You’ll definitely want to give this a read if you’re looking for something new and fun. This book is definitely not one your grandmother would like, but it is something deliciously interesting and funny as hell!
After I read Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation, I had quite a few questions for Olivia, mainly, how she even came up with this engaging but definitely unorthodox idea. You can listen to her answer and more in the funny and interesting interview below!


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