Brian Clegg and the Science of Randomness

Hello, my lovely readers!

This week we’re moving from the evolution of sexual behavior to theoretical physics. I was honored to interview English science writer Brian Clegg, who has won several awards for his books, as well as worked with the BBC on multiple occasions. I read Brian’s book Dice World, a while ago, and was immediately intrigued by the subtitle: “Science and Life in a Random Universe.” What did it mean to be in a random universe, I couldn’t help but wonder. As I started to read Brian’s book, I was impressed by how well Brian communicated the hard-to-understand world of theoretical physics and chaos theory.

imagesDice World is a book I couldn’t put down, not because the story was addictive, but because it gave me answers to many questions I had about what it meant to live in a random universe. Brian puts our lives into perspective, giving applicable scenarios, from luck to statistics. I found myself asking even more questions after each chapter, curious if the universe was as random as I had thought. For the record, I have very little background in physics or mathematics, shying away from them in high school and college, as I thought they were always challenging and difficult. Thankfully, Dice World makes the math and physics easy to understand, and even enjoyable. For anyone looking for an intriguing read about the universe around them, I’d have to recommend this book. Each chapter is sure to surprise you and blow your mind a bit, making you realize how much more there is to the universe than just us.
You can find Brian’s book here if you want your own copy! He’s also written other award-winning and popular reads such as Inflight Science, which is on my list for my next read. Brian’s most recent book Are Numbers Real? also sounds extremely interesting, and will definitely be going on my to-be-read list. You can find the interview with Brian below!


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