Chris Ferrie and the Science of Astrophysics for Babies

Hello, my lovely readers!

I apologize for taking a longer break than usual, as it was the Fourth of July. However, this week I want to talk about science writing for…babies? Yep! I was privileged enough to interview physicist Chris Ferrie, who is also the author of some best-selling baby books about science, such as Astrophysics for Babies or Quantum Physics for Babies. I asked Chris about the difficulty of trying to explain hard theoretical science to someone like a baby. He responded by saying that you can’t keep all the science the same, but using analogies and also simple models will help get the ideas across better.

I asked Chris why he decided to write these books originally, and he replied with explaining the desire to show his kids what type of work he does as a physicist. Besides writing Astrophysics for babies, Chris has also written a couple science parody books, such as Goodnight Lab and Scientist, Scientist, Who do you See? I remember picking up Goodnight Lab just for the obvious parody on Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon, and loving it! Though I won’t give too much away, my favorite page from the book is “Goodnight Liquid Nitrogen.” I ended up displaying Goodnight Lab inside my glass-windowed laboratory as an undergraduate. Passersby asked if that was an actual book, and I explained that it was. From these conversations, I had been wanting to interview Chris for a while, and hearing his story has just made me fall in love with his books all over again!

Whether you have young kids or are a curious adult like me, Chris’s books are full of surprise and entertainment for all ages. You can even find videos of him reading his own books on YouTube. If you want your own copy, you can find it here! Chris is continuing to work with the Baby University series, where Astrophysics for Babies first got published and is grateful they have expanded out to Climate Change for Babies as well as other fields of science! I’d highly recommend Chris’ books to any expecting parents, current parents, or anyone wanting an entertaining and nerdy read.


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