Cody Cassidy and the Physics of Weird Deaths

 Hello Readers! 

This week’s blog is a bit morbid, as I interviewed the popular author Cody Cassidy, about his book And Then You’re Dead, which focuses on the physics of weird deaths. And by weird deaths, I’m talking about jumping into a volcano or black hole, or getting swallowed by a whale or shot out of a cannon. While Cody’s book focuses on a bleak topic, it’s far from bleak, and rather is quite humorous and interesting. 

I wanted to interview Cody for some time, and when I finally had the privilege to, I was amazed by how fascinated he was with this topic. He co-wrote this book with physicist Paul Doherty, and together they write fascinating stories about how you die in certain weird situations. In speaking with Cody, he told me that he had multiple other “deaths” on his laptop that he didn’t include in the book, but that he is hoping to expand on at some future point. 

When I asked him about his “favorite” death that he researched, I was half-expecting something totally random, like jumping into a black hole. Cody surprised me by talking about being swallowed by a whale, and how the end result is you being turned into whale spit, which is used in the perfumery industry. Who knew!? 

You can find Cody’s book here if you’d like your own copy. Currently, Cody works as a science journalist for Wired magazine. I recommend listening to the interview below as Cody explains his writing process. 


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