Carl Zimmer and the Impact of Genetics

 Hello Readers! 

This week I have a real treat of presenting the work of one of the most popular science journalists and writers in our current written world. Carl Zimmer has been a writer for some time, and his reputation for being a thorough investigator and storyteller has brought him much success. 

In the interview below, I focus on Carl’s giant book (and I do mean giant) She has Her Mother’s Laugh. In this book, Carl gives a long history of genetics and its current implications. From eugenics with Galton to evolution with Darwin to genetic testing using 23andMe, Carl discusses it all. His research is profound and his arguments, compelling. In reading this book, you better understand how technology has improved to where we can understand more about genetics than ever before. From its secrets and scandals to struggles and successes, Carl discusses all of it. It’s no wonder the book is a lengthy read, as he covers almost every topic imaginable under the umbrella of genetics. I’d highly recommend this read if you’re interested in understanding human genetics or medicine better. It is a well-researched and well-written book. You can find your own copy here. 


Carl is continuing to work on some future books, covering varying topics. In taking a break from writing, he has launched his own podcast, called What is Life? where he interviews some of our leading thinkers to answer this question. His episodes are engaging and taped before a live audience, so it’s easy to feel you’re right there in the room. Have a listen at this link. 

I’d recommend listening to the interview with Carl below, as he shares more on his research processes, including being part of various human experiments. 


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