Andy Weir and Aliens

Hello Readers! Thank you for following this journey with me of interviewing some of the world’s most creative and unique science writers. This week marks the last week for these blog cast interviews, HOWEVER, all of the interviews will be released as podcast episodes in my new podcast under the same name, From the Biblio-Files.Continue reading “Andy Weir and Aliens”

Carl Zimmer and the Impact of Genetics

 Hello Readers!  This week I have a real treat of presenting the work of one of the most popular science journalists and writers in our current written world. Carl Zimmer has been a writer for some time, and his reputation for being a thorough investigator and storyteller has brought him much success.  In the interviewContinue reading “Carl Zimmer and the Impact of Genetics”

Cody Cassidy and the Physics of Weird Deaths

 Hello Readers!  This week’s blog is a bit morbid, as I interviewed the popular author Cody Cassidy, about his book And Then You’re Dead, which focuses on the physics of weird deaths. And by weird deaths, I’m talking about jumping into a volcano or black hole, or getting swallowed by a whale or shot outContinue reading “Cody Cassidy and the Physics of Weird Deaths”

Brian Jones and Curiosity

 Hello readers, and Happy New Year!  I thought it would only be appropriate to kick the new year off to a good start by showcasing the work of someone I greatly respect and admire. Brian Jones is a professor at Colorado State University (CSU) who teaches physics. I was privileged enough to take two ofContinue reading “Brian Jones and Curiosity”

Florence Williams and the Need for Nature

 Hello Readers and Happy Holidays!  This week I’m both honored and flattered to have interviewed Florence Williams, author of the book The Nature Fix. Florence is a contributing editor to Outside magazine and has two best-selling books, including The Nature Fix. She also has a couple podcasts as well that are worth listening to. YouContinue reading “Florence Williams and the Need for Nature”

Matt Montrose and the Power of Games

 Hello, Readers!    Today I have a real treat in store for you, as I interviewed Matt Montrose, of Montrose Biology. Matt developed a card game called “Ecologies” which helps teach the science of food webs, trophic levels, and ecologies. I picked up this game after seeing an ad for it on social media, andContinue reading “Matt Montrose and the Power of Games”

Heidi Olinger and the Power of Young People

 Hello Readers!  Today is a real treat as I get to brag about Heidi Olinger, a powerful voice within the Colorado community. Heidi is the founder of Pretty Brainy, a non-profit organization that encourages young women to pursue careers within a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) field. Heidi started Pretty Brainy back inContinue reading “Heidi Olinger and the Power of Young People”

Robert Charles Wilson and the Importance of Science Fiction

 Happy Monday Readers!      This blog is one that I thought I would never write, just because I thought I would never interview this author. Robert Charles Wilson, who I will be talking about today, is a well-known and award-winning science fiction writer. His work has spanned decades, with book titles such as Gypsies, Darwinia,Continue reading “Robert Charles Wilson and the Importance of Science Fiction”

James Trefil and the Need for Nerds

 Hello Readers!      This week I want to showcase the writings of James “Jim” Trefil, who I was privileged enough to interview. Jim Trefil is a physicist and a professor at George Mason University. Jim has written over fifty books, which is a lot, but the one I focused on for the interview was WhyContinue reading “James Trefil and the Need for Nerds”

Randy Olson and Narratives of Reel Life

To my Readers,   It is best if I start this blog by saying that I did NOT think I would actually get an interview with this author. Randy Olson, for those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, is a scientist-turned-filmmaker, and currently works at Story Circles Narrative Training. Story Circles is aContinue reading “Randy Olson and Narratives of Reel Life”