Curriculum Vitae


Science Communicator at JILA, a partnership between CU Boulder and NIST
•Worked with the various scientists at JILA to highlight their work in short written articles
•Designed and edited the quarterly magazine “Light & Matter” of JILA.
• Utilized marketing strategies to boost interest in JILA social media and research in general.
• Interviewed JILA alumni and current JILAns for research highlights and feature articles
• Translated difficult scientific theories into stylistic and accessible language for all audiences.

Panelist at the 2021 National Association of Science Writers conference-discussing Deep Tech and Quantum Technology


Social Media Manager and Content Creator for the MBC Group LLC
•Designed and created social media calendars for individual clients based on KPI’s.
•Created social media content using Adobe Suite and Canva
• Analyzed Google Analytics to develop successful strategies
• Boosted client traffic and conversions through the creation of SEO keyword blogs
• Boosted client traffic and conversions through the optimization of paid and organic social media campaigns

Digital Communications Specialist at Katie Anderson Coaching LLC
Designed and developed a website that boosted the company’s traffic and conversions
Produced and edited an ongoing podcast for the company showcasing female entrepreneurs in Colorado.
• Created and optimized social media channels using paid and organic content.
• Utilized Google Analytics to develop successful strategies

Blogcaster and Podcaster for From the Biblio-Files
• Chased down and interviewed several famous and award-winning science
writers for the blogcast and later podcast, including Sy Montgomery, Deborah Blum, Brian
Clegg, Kathryn Harkup, Helen Scales, Randy Olson, Amy Stewart, Jim Trefil, Robert Charles Wilson, Heidi Olinger, and Thomas Morris.
• Using effective interview skills, was able to create compelling audio clips illustrating the power of storytelling within science communication

Cohost and Producer for Human Angle Podcast
• Researched and wrote scripts about the lives of scientists for two hosts
• Mixed, produced and published each episode of the podcast
• Boosted listener engagement through effective paid and organic social media campaigns

Cohost and Producer for Young Scientists Podcast
• Worked with the Young Scientists Journal to interview young scientists
around the world
• Boosted interest in the podcast through engaging interviews, social media campaigns, and effective sound editing and production

Web Editor for I,Science Magazine
• Supervised content creation for the online magazine
• Increased interest in the magazine through optimization of organic social media


Science Communications Tutor at Kings College London

•Developed an engaging curriculum for undergraduate science communication classes at Kings College London with a series of lesson plans.
• Mentored students in science communication skills, including writing, digital media, and video editing


Medicinal Plant Intern at the Denver Botanic Gardens

•Researched and wrote a series of exhibits for a virtual tour about the science, history, folklore, and practical recipes of thirty medicinal plants within the Denver Botanic Gardens for the DBG website
• Boosted user engagement in the virtual tour by creating a series of YouTube videos with medicinal plant recipes
• Boosted traffic to the Denver Medicinal Plant Society’s website through various blog articles.

Researcher/website designer with Professor Elizabeth Pilon-Smits of Colorado State University

•Practiced laboratory research skills in a solo project sampling public consumption alcoholic products for toxic selenium levels
• Increased funding and interest in the laboratory through the designing and creation of the laboratory website
• Expanded interest in the laboratory through monthly lab blogs detailing the research for broader audiences.

Student Fieldwork Research for Dolphin Communication Project

•Worked through experiments studying dolphin behavior in Roatan, Honduras
• Performed various fieldwork activities including surface behavioral studies
• Slept through a 9.3 earthquake

Freelance and Volunteer Work


Staff News Editor for Inside Quantum Technology (2022-)

  • Investigated and published engaging articles about recent quantum collaborations, research, and news items
  • Interviewed exclusive key players and helped to share their stories in unique content
  • Helped moderate panels at IQT conferences

Content Writer for Sharpetnet SEO Solutions (2020-2022)

  • Content Writer focusing on SEO marketing strategies
  • Created original marketing content for client websites targeting specific markets or locations for potential customers
  • Boosted company profits by handling over 50 client accounts

Science Writer for The Quantum Insider, The Metaverse Insider, and the Deeptech Insider

  • Created a Women in Quantum series covering diversity within the quantum industry
  • Developed an article series of seven articles focusing on quantum technology, quantum physics, and popular culture. These articles were focused on interviews with experts, and heavily researched, written in an SEO marketing style to boost views to the website.
  • Interviewed experts within the Metaverse industry to discuss cutting-edge technology
  • Covered beats within deeptech including AI and biotechnology

Volunteer Social Media Manager at Pretty Brainy

  • Created a monthly social media calendar for posting and driving users to the website.
  • Wrote and established a weekly blog for Pretty Brainy that would be SEO marketing focused with intriguing content for users of all ages.

Staff Writer at The Debrief

  • Created 500 word Debriefs covering new research in science and tech 3 days a week
  • Developed SEO skills related to science writing, including research keywords.
  • Translated scientific publication language into an accessible and engaging narrative