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A blog-podcast hybrid format that showcases the work of various popular science and science fiction writers, creators, and thinkers from around the world. This project came from a desire to create and sustain a popular science writing book community that allowed readers to better engage in science by expanding their view of the author and the scientific content within the books.

25. Sheril Kirshenbaum From the Biblio-Files

Sheril Kirshenbaum's work has placed her as an expert in science communication. She co-wrote the bestselling book UnScientific America, which discusses the lack of scientific literacy in the American public and ways to fix it. Here she discusses her current work and the impact of her book. 
  1. 25. Sheril Kirshenbaum
  2. 24. Olivia Judson
  3. 23. Randy Olson
  4. 22. Matt Swayne
  5. 21. Brian Jones

Andy Weir and Aliens

Hello Readers! Thank you for following this journey with me of interviewing some of the world’s most creative and unique science writers. This week marks the last week for these blog cast interviews, HOWEVER, all of the interviews will be released as podcast episodes in my new podcast under the same name, From the Biblio-Files.Continue reading “Andy Weir and Aliens”

Brian Jones and Curiosity

 Hello readers, and Happy New Year!  I thought it would only be appropriate to kick the new year off to a good start by showcasing the work of someone I greatly respect and admire. Brian Jones is a professor at Colorado State University (CSU) who teaches physics. I was privileged enough to take two ofContinue reading “Brian Jones and Curiosity”

Robert Charles Wilson and the Importance of Science Fiction

 Happy Monday Readers!      This blog is one that I thought I would never write, just because I thought I would never interview this author. Robert Charles Wilson, who I will be talking about today, is a well-known and award-winning science fiction writer. His work has spanned decades, with book titles such as Gypsies, Darwinia,Continue reading “Robert Charles Wilson and the Importance of Science Fiction”

Laura Pritchett and the stories of Colorado nature

 Hello, my curious and avid Readers!  This week we’re heading deep into the Colorado wildland to discuss bear populations, rangeland science, and soil. I was privileged enough to interview local writer Laura Pritchett to discuss these topics with her, specifically focusing on her book Great Colorado Bear Stories. I actually contacted Laura years ago forContinue reading “Laura Pritchett and the stories of Colorado nature”

Sam Kean and the periodic table

 Hello, my Amazing Readers!  This week I’m excited to highlight science writer Sam Kean, who was nice enough to grant me an interview. Sam has written many popular books, including The Disappearing Spoon, The Violinist’s Thumb, Caesar’s Last Breath, The Bastard Brigade: The True Story of the Renegade Scientists, and Spies Who Sabotaged the Nazi AtomicContinue reading “Sam Kean and the periodic table”

John Wright and Latin Names

Hello Curious Readers!  This week I had a real treat as I was able to interview John Wright, an amateur mycologist and a science writer who is interested in the Latin names of species. Wright lives in the United Kingdom and had quite a few interesting stories to tell when we started talking. Unfortunately, hisContinue reading “John Wright and Latin Names”

Tom Morris and Medical Mysteries

Hello everyone! This week I’m introducing writer Thomas Morris, and his book The Mystery of the Exploding teeth. Tom started this book by writing a blog on Victorian medical reports, and the weird case studies he found. He realized that there were enough weird stories (where patients were sticking things up…places…or limbs were falling off…orContinue reading “Tom Morris and Medical Mysteries”


Hello Readers! Welcome to “From the Biblio-files!” This was originally supposed to be a podcast, but I have turned it into a blogcast instead! Now you may be wondering what a blogcast actually is, and yes I did just make up that word. It’s a blog with an audio file mixed in so readers canContinue reading “Welcome!”

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