Quantum and Deep Tech Writing

I’ve also partnered with The Quantum Insider, a start-up company out of Canada that focuses on quantum technology and the quantum industry sector. I’ve written several articles for them about quantum technology and popular culture. They also have a publication called The Deep Tech Insider which I’ve also contributed to. You can find all my articles here on their website. I’ve kept a few highlights below!

I’ve also contributed several articles to The Debrief, which focuses on an intersection of popular culture and science. The links to a few of their articles are below as well as on my other writing page.

My main focus is not only how quantum technology impacts our daily lives, but how we can increase diversity within the quantum and deep-tech industries. I also look at how deep-tech is viewed by the public, and how it will affect underserved communities. I was a panelist at the 2021 National Association of Science Writers (NASW) conference, discussing quantum technology and deep tech.


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The Second Part of the Diversity in Quantum Article from The Quantum Daily

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