The Debrief

The other main writing outlet I write for is the Debrief, a “rebelliously curious” publication covering topics from UFOs to extinct animals. With this publication, I get more freedom of what to write about and enjoy writing about the newest publications done by researchers. You’ll find a few of my articles below.

Magic Mushrooms May Help Stop Opioid Addiction, new Research Says

Corporate Secrets and Competition at CERN: How Knowledge Leaks Happen

Go Big Brained or Go Home: The Secrets to Parrots’ Long Lives

Natal Attractions: Unlocking the Psychology of Pregnancy Cravings

You Literally Are What you Eat According to New Research

Filtered Faces: How the Selfie is Driving Up Requests for Plastic Surgery

Public Perception Around GMOs is Becoming More Positive According to New Study

A New Smart Material Inspired by Squid Skin Can Keep your Coffee Warm

CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology could Create Hypoallergenic Cats and Designer Dogs

Research Shows the Speed Learning is Possible, up to a Point

Could You Grow Your Own Liver from Your Spleen? Mice Did

New Research Says that Face Masks Make you Seem More Attractive

Does the Time of Day When you Work Out Matter?

Action Video Games Can Boost your Child’s Learning

You Can’t Outsmart Your Gut

Experts in Vertical Farming Share their Secrets

The Seedy Underbelly of Sperm Donations

Which Country is the Best Place to Die in?

Social Media is Impacting Young People’s Mental Health

Can Science Read Someone’s Imagination?

Being Read on Reddit: How an AI Model can Map Out Mental health

Resurrected Rats: Creating Hybrid Species that Were Previously Extinct

The Strange Truth Behind Toad Lickers

A New DNA Test is a “Skeleton Key” For Hard-to-Diagnose Genetic Diseases

Technology of the Future Could Turn Radio Waves into Electricity

Metaverse Mammoths: How Museums and VR are working together to make learning more COVID-19 friendly

Worth a Shot: How Jose Cuervo is Coming to the Metaverse

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