The Quantum Insider, etc.

I wrote for the Quantum Insider for 2 years, covering the latest discoveries in quantum technology as well as interviewing key players in this industry. I’ve also written publications for their sister outlets: the DeepTech Insider and The Metaverse Insider. You’ll find a few of the articles below:

Quantum Technology in Science Fiction and Popular Culture

Quantum on the Silver Screen

Help Wanted Part 2: Materials and Methods for Improving the Diversity in the Quantum Workforce

Introducing the Quantum Strategy Institute

The Netherlands Announces the First Quantum Childcare Pilot Program

Quantum Sensing May Have a New Purpose in Neurology

Quantum Startups Pasqal and Qu&Co Announce Merger

Want to Have a Successful Metaverse Brand? Do These Four Things

How to make the Metaverse More Inclusive

NYXL Gives New York City an Upgrade with Their Metaverse Community

SuperWorld Stands Out in Metaverse Market by Offering Virtual Real Estate NFTs

NVIDIA Announces New Technology for Digital Twin Simulation and Communications within the Metaverse

How South Korea and its “Digital New Deal” is Working to make it a Leader in the Metaverse Industry

daPixel Makes a Name for Itself in NFT Advertising

How Sports and NFTs are shaping the Fan Experience

The International Women of Blockchain Hosts its Annual Conference for the Second Year in a Row

Meta Angels Uses the Power of Community to Create Impact

In the Future You May Be Streaming the Metaverse on Your Phone

Meet the Women-Led Businesses Working to Make the Metaverse More Diverse

The Metaverse Is Hiring

Developing a More Social Metaverse With Supersocial Inc.

Metaverse Malls: The Rise of Virtual Shopping

The Laws of the Metaverse (of Lack Thereof)

How the Metaverse Will Affect Deep Technology

How to Invest in the MetaVerse: An Interview with Serena Capital Principal Olivier Martret

Celebrating World Quantum Day, Qubit by Qubit Tackles Equity in the Next Generation of Quantum Workers

Colorado Women in Quantum Panel Showcases Rich Quantum Ecosystem

Quantum Australia Creates some Big Waves in the Quantum Community

Algorithms and Accessibility: Updates from the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)

Interview with BDC Capital Partner Thomas Park, on New $200M Canadian Focused Deep Tech Venture Fund

Good News for Coffee Lovers: Starbucks is Joining the Metaverse

NASA Teams Up with Epic Games to Enter the Metaverse with a Bold Challenge

How Do Augmented Reality Overlays Work?

New Research Shows Success of Virtual Surgeries in Heart Transplant Patients

AWS’s Amazon Braket is Helping to Make the Quantum Industry More Transparent

Could the Metaverse Help Find Stolen Art?

The Rise of Digital Scent Technology: How the Metaverse is Gaining its Sense of Smell

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