Women in Quantum Series

While working with The Quantum Insider, I began an article series called “Women in Quantum,” which features exclusive interviews with women in this industry. With incredible stories and great motivation, this series has been a success and led to many advances in the quantum industry.

I then continued this article series when I transferred to Inside Quantum Technology, only now under the title of “Women of Quantum Technology.” From interviewing CEOs and executives to teenaged girls living in unsafe areas of Pakistan, I cover women of all ages and backgrounds in this quantum community, highlighting these amazing individuals as role models and future mentors.

Judith Olson: Head of Atomic Clock Division, Senior Physicist at ColdQuanta

Denise Ruffner: Chief Business Officer, Atom Computing

Danika Hannon: Relationship Manager at Cambridge Quantum (“Quantinuum”)

Esperanza Cuenca Gomez: QSI

Lior Gazit: Quantum Software Engineering Team Lead at Classiq Technologies

Katherine Londergan: CMO at Zapata Computing

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez: CEO at QURECA

Anna Naden: the Chicago Quantum Computing Revival

Dr. Marina Radulaski of the University of California Davis

Lior Gazit of Classiq Technologies

Christine Johnson of Ingenii

Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia of PsiQuantum

Dr. Helena Liebelt of DIT, Intel, and SheQuantum

Dr. Renata Jovanovic of Deloitte

Carina Kiesling of Ernst and Young LLP (EY)

Olivia Lanes of IBM Quantum

Mira Pijselman of Ernst & Young LLP

Carina Kießling of Ernst & Young LLP (EY)

Biliana Rajevic and Irene Fernández de Fuentes of Quantum Women

Lorraine Tsitsi Majiri of OneQuantum

Dr. Leonie Mueck of Riverlane

Elisa Torres Durney of Girls in Quantum

Jen Sovada of Sandbox AQ

Dr. Lene Oddershede of the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Kate Smith of ColdQuanta

Areeba Arbab, Pakistan’s Youngest Quantum Programmer

Dr. Iris Schwenk of HQS Quantum Simulations

Dr. Si-Hui Tan of Horizon Quantum Computing

Amrita Manzari of Qulabs and the Quantum Strategy Institute

Dr. Chiara Decaroli of the National Quantum Computing Center (NQCC)

Dr. Liz Bridge of Quantum Brilliance