Florence Williams and the Need for Nature

 Hello Readers and Happy Holidays! 

This week I’m both honored and flattered to have interviewed Florence Williams, author of the book The Nature Fix. Florence is a contributing editor to Outside magazine and has two best-selling books, including The Nature Fix. She also has a couple podcasts as well that are worth listening to. You can listen to them here. 

I first read The Nature Fix earlier this year and immediately found it relevant to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this book, Florence interviews several researchers studying the psychological and physiological effects that nature has on humans. She also participates in several of these studies, from hiking in Scotland to forest bathing in Japan. I found myself while reading the book, desiring to be outside more and more, as I’m sure you will feel too once you give her book a read. Florence’s descriptions are breathtaking and picturesque, making the outdoors seem irresistible. At the beginning of the book, Florence moved from Boulder, Colorado to Washington DC. The move from a more rural area to an urban one gave her stress and inspired her to look into why nature has powerful effects on the human mind and body.

In interviewing Florence, I spoke with her about her research process for this book. Florence told me that she was able to receive funding to travel all over the world for this book, participating in these studies as well as focusing on the researchers and scientists themselves. Her first-person perspective gives relatable and valuable insight into how nature interacts with us personally. You can find your copy of the book here. 

Check out the interview below to listen to more!



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