Sy Montgomery and Animal behaviors

A few months ago I interviewed Sy Montgomery to discuss her award-winning book, The Soul of an Octopus. Sy and I have talked before when I reached out to her for my undergraduate thesis. She lives on the East Coast and has written over 60 books.

download (1)I read The Soul of an Octopus quite a while ago, but I remember being struck by how Sy had captured the personality of the octopuses she encountered in her adventures. From reading her book, I realized that other animals can be considered intelligent by their own standards, and not by the standards humans put on them. I found that each octopus had their own story to tell, and I found myself enjoying the time Sy spent with the octopuses more and more. 
I interviewed Sy to ask her about story-telling within this book, and why she decided to write this book in particular. Sy has covered other animals and looks specifically at animal behaviors. She’s written on endangered pink dolphins in the Amazon river basin, the Great Apes, and other animals. Sy’s personal story is one of adventure and surprises, and well…I’ll let her tell it. You can listen to the interview below in the YouTube video. You can find her book here if you want your own copy! 

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